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Custom Color Analysis

In this 1 1/2-2 hour session, we will use your body colors to identify your BEST colors from over 1200 swatches. This includes makeup and style direction. You will also receive a custom color palette to use when shopping and creating outfits.

*Virtual Color Analysis available upon request.


Body & Style Analysis

We'll spend an hour and half talking color, line and design. I'll take your measurements to determine your body shape and which clothing silhouettes best fit your body.  We'll talk styles and prints and where to shop.

Getting dressed should be fun!


Makeup Consultation

Learn the makeup shades that compliment your coloring and how to apply.


Tips and tricks with toxin-free products.


My name is Bianca 

After 20+ years of a successful career in retail, I'm putting my experience, Fashion Merchandising degree and Certification in Custom Color Analysis together to work one-on-one with women and men struggling with what to wear. It's my goal to help you define who you are through color and style.


Personal appearance isn't everything, but it is a BIG thing! Did you know that first impressions are made within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone? While you can’t tell your entire story in that short time - your personality, your values, work ethic, etc. can convey a lot through your clothes. When you feel confident and put together, the impact of that is felt by you and everyone around you. I'm here to support you.

Serving clients in-person in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding DFW areas. Serving clients virtually upon request. Shopping local boutiques to update your closet and complete your wardrobe.

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Reyna M., Willow Park, TX

“Love Bianca she is great! I loved my session with her! I walked out feeling more confident!!!"

Becky B., Aledo, TX

“Thanks for making me feel pretty!"

Jennifer M., Aledo, TX

"A fun experience. She goes through every possible color on the planet and analysis which ones look best with your skin hair and eyes and which ones you probably should wear. She makes you a color fan with all of them to keep."

Amy W., Dallas, TX

“Such a super fun and informative time.”

Erin W., Aledo, TX

“I'm slowly switching some of my clothes out. I'm excited to build my closet!”

Contact Me

Thank you!

Tel: 512-791-5022   Email:


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