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I'm Bianca, and I bring over two decades of experience in the retail industry, a degree in Fashion Merchandising and a Certification in Custom Color Analysis and Image Consulting, to the forefront. My mission is to work closely with individuals, both women and men, who struggle with the common question of what to wear. My goal is to assist you in discovering and expressing your true self through the exciting world of color and style.

Personal appearance isn't everything, but it is a BIG thing! Did you know that first impressions are made within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone? While you can’t tell your entire story in that short time - your personality, your values, work ethic, etc., you can convey a lot through your clothes. When you feel confident and put together, the impact of that is felt by you and everyone around you. I'm here to support you.

About Bianca

“Color is the finishing touch on everything.”

marc jacobs

Color Analysis Room


Based in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas, I proudly cater to clients not only in our vibrant city but also extend services to the entire DFW metropolitan area.

For those who seek my expertise from afar, I’m delighted to offer virtual consultations upon request. My mission is to curate and enhance your wardrobe, and that often means exploring local boutiques to discover unique pieces that will perfectly complement your style and elevate your closet to new heights.


“Love Bianca she is great! I loved my session with her! I walked out feeling more confident!!!"
Reyna M.
Willow Park, TX
“Thanks for making me feel pretty! I'm slowly switching some of my clothes out. I'm excited to build my closet."
Becky B.
Aledo, TX
“A fun experience. She goes through every possible color on the planet and analyzes which ones look best with your skin, hair, and eyes and which ones you probably should wear. She makes you a color fan with all of them to keep."
Jennifer M.
Aledo, TX
“Such a super fun and informative time."
Amy W.
Dallas, TX
“I am definitely happier with my purchases and wear them instead of hanging around my closet. "
Stephanie W.
Grapevine, TX

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